Welcome to the RAEL Movement!

About RAEL Movement

The RAEL movement, often described as a UFO religion, is rooted in the profound belief that life on Earth is not a product of random evolution, nor the work of a supernatural deity, but a deliberate creation by a species of extraterrestrials. These extraterrestrials, known to the RAELians as the Elohim, are said to be advanced human-like beings responsible for the scientific creation of life on Earth...

RealAliensEnjoyingLiquidity (RAEL) Token

The RealAliensEnjoyingLiquidity (RAEL) token serves as more than just a cryptocurrency in the conventional sense. It symbolizes the deep commitment and unwavering faith of its holders to the teachings and beliefs of the RAEL movement

Tokenomics of (RAEL)

The RealAliensEnjoyingLiquidity (RAEL) token is built on a foundation that reflects the values and principles of the Raelian movement. With a total supply of 33,333 RAEL tokens, the tokenomics have been carefully designed to align with the movement's philosophy of progress, unity, and responsible technological advancement. Token Supply and Contract: The RAEL token has a fixed supply of 33,333 tokens, underscoring its uniqueness and scarcity within the crypto ecosystem. The token operates on the V3 contract, which ensures efficiency and optimal liquidity management for holders and traders. Liquidity and Distribution: A remarkable aspect of the RAEL token is its commitment to 100% liquidity provision. All RAEL tokens are added to liquidity pools, enhancing trading stability and accessibility. To emphasize the community-centric approach, there is no presale or team allocation. This promotes fairness and inclusivity, ensuring that every holder has an equal opportunity to participate in the RAEL ecosystem. Liquidity Pool Fees and Distribution: The RAEL token employs a 1% fee on transactions that contribute to liquidity pool (LP) management and ecosystem growth. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Raelian movement on December 13th, 2023, the RAEL token has a visionary plan in place. On this significant day, 50% of all eth yield accumulated from LP will be distributed among the top 50 token holders. This distribution serves as a celebration of unity, progress, and the movement's enduring legacy. In essence, the tokenomics of the RealAliensEnjoyingLiquidity (RAEL) token mirror the ethos of the Raelian movement. The carefully crafted supply, distribution mechanism, and commitment to community engagement embody the movement's principles of advancement, global unity, and responsible use of technology. As the RAEL token continues to foster a community that envisions a harmonious future, it does so with transparency, fairness, and a vision that extends beyond financial innovation.

About the Founder

The founder of RAEL token is the bastard son of Rael. Determined to get a call back from his elusive father, Boof Bingleton created the Rael token to finally make his father proud, and the Raelian movement at large.